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Bill Hicks is a veteran, professional trumpet player who has entertained crowds from coast to coast. Currently, Bill is a freelance trumpet, flügelhorn, and piccolo trumpet player, living and working in central Pennsylvania. He teaches private trumpet lessons in his studio and also via Skype. Bill specializes in the Claude Gordon method. He also provides elegant, ceremonial trumpet music for weddings and herald trumpet fanfares for all special events.

Over the years, Bill’s trumpet has backed up such groups as the Temptations, Four Tops, Tony Bennet and Frank Sinatra. For 17 years, while living in the Los Angeles area, Bill studied trumpet with Claude Gordon, the King of Brass and former top trumpeter with the CBS Orchestra.

From 1990-2010, Bill owned and led Big Band Nostalgia Productions, which included Big Band Nostalgia, 2nd Avenue Swing Riot, and Combo Nostalgia & Bill Hicks Brass. Bill also performed regularly at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, PA.


Bill Hicks is a veteran, professional trumpet player who has entertained crowds from coast to coast since the 1970s.

Bill was first chair in the 72nd U.S. Army Concert and Marching Bands and lead trumpet in the dance band at Ft. McArthur from 1970-73.

From 1976-79, Bill was the lead trumpeter for the Harry James Orchestra. He toured the country with the James band and appeared on national TV shows. Bill has also performed with a host of Big Bands.

Bill studied trumpet for 17 years with the King of Brass, Claude Gordon, the former top trumpeter with CBS Orchestra. And he regularly performed with the American Music Theatre Orchestra in Lancaster, PA. from 1997 through 2008.

From 1990 to 2010, Bill owned and led the four bands that comprised Big Band Nostalgia Productions.

Today in central Pennsylvania, Bill Hicks works as a freelance trumpet player, provides trumpet music for weddings and special events, and offers private trumpet lessons in his studio near Denver, PA. and online via Skype.

Resume of Bands and Performances

Bill has played with a host of big bands, with many famous performers and artists, and has performed in Broadway musicals and on television and for the movies. He has also made several recordings. Visit Bill’s full site to see the complete list.

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