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For your wedding processional, consider a professional trumpet soloist. Bill Hicks plays classical, baroque, and overtures, depending on the mood you want to create for your wedding ceremony. Trumpet music is the most cost-effective selection for your ceremonial music and creates a spectacular sound for your wedding. You may customize the music to heighten the mood or to emphasize a particular theme. Bill will work with you to create the perfect music for your wedding processional. At formal weddings, he will work with your own church organist. For less formal weddings, Bill can obtain a keyboard player for you. Bill usually performs trumpet solos, but if you prefer the sound of two trumpets, he can suggest a second trumpeter.

The trumpet has long been called upon by the church to herald the most important ceremonial events. No other instrument commands the beauty and authority of a trumpet. A Bill Hicks trumpet solo will add a flair of joy and festivity, and power and majesty to your special day.

Bill Hicks also plays herald trumpet fanfares for special announcements, award ceremonies or to hail the arrival of dignitaries and special guests. One or two herald trumpeters, clad in tails and white gloves, will make your announcement special and add a touch of class to your event.

Below is a partial repertoire of Bill's most popular wedding music; he will make every effort to accommodate your special music requests.

Bill Hicks, Trumpet Soloist

Wedding Ceremony Music

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Song Title

Bridal Chorus (Here Comes The Bride)

Wedding March

Trumpet Voluntary

Trumpet Tune


Allegro Maestoso

La Re’jouissance

Ode to Joy

Ave Maria

Concerto for Two Trumpets

Voluntary in C

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

My Spirit Be Joyful

Allegro from Heroic Music

Adante from Heroic Music

If Thou Art with Me

Prelude to Te Deum

Concerto (Manfredini)

Trumpet Voluntary in C (Greene)

Fireworks Overture

Two Trumpets

Solo Trumpet

SoloTrumpetWedding14_WeddingMarch.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding04_WeddingMarch.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding11_TrumpetVoluntary.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding01_TrumpetVoluntary.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding12_TrumpetTune.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding02_TrumpetTune.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding05_HereComesBride.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding16_Rondeau.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding06_Rondeau.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding03_AllegroMaestoso.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding13_AllegroMaestoso.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding18_OdeToJoy.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding08_OdeToJoy.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding21_AveMaria.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding10_ConcertoForTwoTrumpets.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding01_TrumpetVoluntary.mp3 2TrumpetsWedding09_MySpriritBeJoyful.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding20_AllegrofromHeroicMusic.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding19_AndantefromHeroicMusic.mp3 SoloTrumpetWedding15_HereComesBride.mp3